Agricultural pesticides, microbe/bacteria, paraffin/wax, insecticides which accumulate on vegetables and fruits in time and cannot be purified fully with water and traditional purification methods causes many diseases from sterility to cancer, mental and physical development disorders in children to various allergies. According to the specialists, consuming vegetables and fruits which have not been purified from agricultural pesticides used unconsciously mostly causes lung, breast, skin, bladder and large intestine cancers.

Agricultural pesticides become sauce for our foods!

World Health Organization has stated in its report for the year of 2008 that more than 85% of the fruits and vegetables in the world are contaminated seriously by agricultural pesticides. According to the report ‘SAUCE on the table’’ as prepared by Ankara Chamber of Commerce and Association of Turkish Agriculturists, agricultural pesticides which have a substantial contribution to the increase of cancer cases are used ‘‘excessively, untimely and inappropriately’’ in Turkey.

Danger is circulating around fruit and vegetable counters!

Consumption of vegetable and fruits full of these hazardous substances which may not be purified by water and traditional washing methods may cause many diseases from various allergies to cancer and sterility, mental and physical development disorders in children.