Exísir Sanitizer which is the first and only 100% vegetable-based vegetable and fruit purification concentrate of the world does not contain any additive and purifies vegetables and fruits from agricultural pesticide, paraffin/wax, microbe/bacteria, insecticide, larva and fertilizer residues up to 100%. The only thing you should do is to experience real color, taste, smell, tissue of vegetables and fruits.

Nothing will be as in the past in food hygiene in the world thanks to strong brand value of Exísir Sanitizer.

  • Success up to 100% against microbes and agricultural pesticides,
  • Purification from paraffin and fertilizer residues,
  • Elimination of soil and sand residues up to 100%,
  • 100% vegetal ingredient,
  • Water and time saving,
  • Practical usage feature,
  • New generationís cleaning approach in food category,
  • The first and only Ö in Turkey!