Usage: For a healthy purification process, add 30 cc (half cover) Ex’sir Sanitizer per 1lt water or 60 cc (1 full cover) Ex’sir Sanitizer per 2lt water.

1. Fill your container with water sufficient for your vegetables and fruits that you want to purify and add Ex’sir Sanitizer at the rate of measure recommended.
2. Keep your vegetables and fruits in the water with Ex’sir Sanitizer for 2-3 minutes.
3. Scrub your vegetables and fruits with the water with Ex’sir Sanitizer, rinse them with clean water.

Information: Foaming to occur and the smell you will feel following washing are caused by purifying effect of natural acid and active agents contained in Ex’sir Sanitizer and obtained from fruit and vegetables. No taste or smell will remain related to this reaction following rinsing and vegetable and fruits would take their place on your tables with their purest and healthiest condition.